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ABC – Building an Inclusive and Welcoming Community – Part One: Self Education on Race

August 12, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

In response to the increased awareness of the injustices and inequalities centered around race, from the killing of George Floyd to the recent wave of protests across the country, Active Bethel Citizens plan to have a series of facilitated open and respectful conversations to help us grow as a community. The meetings will take place over ZOOM. We recognize that our membership is predominantly white and that there is a need for white community members to educate themselves about race issues before engaging with people of color. The intention is to learn about ourselves as a community and build deeper bonds with our neighbors, especially our neighbors who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).
The Special Meetings will be on three different dates:
PART 1 (August 12) = Self-education on race: People of color are encouraged to attend to see how we are helping to enlighten those who are allies or who aspire to be allies and provide a forum to examine their own prejudices and social conditioning. We will look at how institutional marginalization operates, how ABC members can recognize and confront marginalizing impulses in their own thought processes, and how we can constructively challenge those impulses both within ourselves and in our peers.
PART 2 (August 26) = Listening to people of color from Bethel: Aims to improve understanding by hearing from those with direct lived experience of racism and to increase the sense of belonging felt by people of color in the community and in Neighborhood Associations by demonstrating a commitment to being better allies.
PART 3 (September 9) = Engaging law enforcement: Aims to provide a supportive environment for Bethel neighbors who are BIPOC to bring their experiences of policing to law enforcement representatives. If there are those who are not comfortable doing this, we undertake to relay their experiences in our role as allies.
Homework prior to this Part 1 meeting to start the self-awareness and learning process:
Watch the following Robin Di Angelo videos on YouTube. These offer a good beginner’s guide to discussions about race.
Fighting racism: This is the biggest mistake people make | Robin DiAngelo | Big Think
Don’t expect People of Color to teach you how not to be racist.
Deconstructing White Privilege – Dr. Robin DiAngelo
Why “I’m not a racist” is only half the story | Robin DiAngelo | Big Think
Being nice is not going to end racism | Robin DiAngelo | YouTube
Also on YouTube:
This is the paradigm shift that could stop racism


August 12, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


ZOOM https://zoom.us/j/95279810568


Active Bethel Citizens

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