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Locally Owned & Operated

There Are four Dari-Mart Stores in the Active Bethel Neighborhood

#4 - 4925 Barger St. Open Sun-Thu 6am-11pm; Fri-Sat am-12am (541) 689-2516

#6 - 800 Hwy. 99 North  Open Mao-Sat 6am-11pm; Sun 8am-11pm (541) 689-1027

#15 = 4690 Royal Ave. Open Mon-Sat 6am-11pm; Sun 7am-11pm (541) 689-1417

#45 - 1510 Hwy 99 North #45  Open Mon-Thu 5:30=11pm; Fri 5:30am-12am; Sat 6am-11pm; Sun 7am-11pm (541) 688-0131

When Grandma Gladys opened her first Dart Mart store a hometown tradition was born. From our hometown headquarters in Junction City, Oregon, our family business includes Lochmead Farms and Dairy, and 42 Dari Mart stores from Albany to Cottage Grove.

Then and now, our family sells the freshest dairy products. That’s because we tend the cows, work the dairy, and deliver our products daily. And we get great satisfaction from knowing that the stores employ more than 500 people in our local communities.

Our Business Values

Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Howard set the foundation for how we operate our Dari Mart stores and their work still guides us today. In our work we are:

- Entrepreneurial – We constantly look for new ideas and ways to make them happen.

- Hands-on – We stay close to our work. We do it ourselves if we can.

- Prudent – We make decisions carefully.

- Respectful – We value our employees and involve ourselves in our community. We respect our land, our cows, and the natural environment. These values guided our grandparents’ dream of a family business. We’ll continue to hold them tightly as we move toward the future.





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