Bethel Business Alliance

A Division of Active Bethel Community
           986 Berntzen Road, Eugene 97402

All Bethel Businesses may
join with NO FEE!

Active Bethel Community Neighborhood Association (ABC), your City sponsored neighborhood group, has formed the Bethel Business Alliance to encourage the Bethel residents to Shop Local!

We would like you to join the Bethel Business Alliance
          – There is no fee to join
          – Just confirm your business name, address, phone number, and hours
of operation and shopping category you would like to appear in for
the upcoming Bethel Business Alliance Directory.
          – We plan to update the printed directory every 6 months, and post on
ABC Facebook and webpage 
          – Also, for our reference (not printed in the directory) provide the
name, and contact information, for the owner or
person who we can contact about future Bethel Business Alliance
meetings and events.

Our first event to promote your business, was a Scavenger Hunt to drive residents to local Bethel businesses. It was featured in our June ABC Newsletter. The Scavenger Hunt started on June 12 and ended on June 28. There were 620 entries and was a great success!

As we gather the Bethel businesses in our Alliance, starting with this first event, we will start scheduling meetings (ZOOM for now) where business owners can share information and plan community events. The Eugene Chamber of Commerce has agreed to partner with us and help Bethel businesses thrive. They have a Back to Business Guide available in English and Spanish at this link:

This is an opportunity for Bethel to grow and enlighten the neighbors that we have most everything here in Bethel so they can Shop Local and support your business! 

If you are interested in joining our Bethel Business Alliance, please give Lin Woodrich a call or text at 541-517-1304, or email at