Active Bethel Citizens Executive Board Meeting Minutes

June 16th, 2021, 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Ed Farren, Sarah Warren, Suzanne O’Shea, Jenny Boyd, Travis Johannes and Amie Anderson-Forbis

Absent: Ethan Clevenger and Emily Pyle

7:02 – Approval of agenda put forth

– Suzanne requested sending a plant or card from ABC to Senator Manning.

– Approved by those in attendance.

 7:05 – Meeting was called to order by: Tai

7:06 – Motion to approve meeting minutes from March, April and May

– 1st – Lin, 2nd Ed 

Board approves meeting minutes noted above.

7:10 – Spreadsheet update – Amie

Time spreadsheet a success so far – Quarter 1 good.  Quarter 2 need to be sent.

  • Lin – Lauren’s and Madison’s hours to be included?
  • Suzanne – How often are hours to be sent?
  • Amie – Quarterly or whenever it can be sent.

7:13 – Bylaws – Lin/Ed

Lin screen shared the proposed Bylaws from Ed for Board.

  • Suzanne – Were comments sent earlier seen?
  • Lin – Read comments/questions to board for consideration.  Board discussed proposed updates. 
  • Suzanne – Question about if someone to contact businesses help encourage ABC?
  • Lin – ABC board has access to $20,000 to help with outreach planning for Bethel area.
  • Suzanne – What is Steering committee reference in verbiage?
  • Tai – Term used to indicate ABC board members.

Board made updates to Bylaws.

7:35 – Councilman Greg Evans – Jensen Pond update.  City Manager meeting on Monday morning to discuss:

Any problem with pond and liability issues?

Currently property owner assumes access.  Meeting to help determine 3rd alternative to accommodate all parties involved.

Types of organizations to consider:

501(c)4:  Not for profit

501(c)3:  Non profit

Currently ABC board is a 501(c)4.

Jenny – If the ABC board were to change status to become a 501(c)3would that have an impact on the board’s ability to assist with the issues surrounding Jensen Pond?

Councilman Evans: A change in status would have a few more advantages in general.

Jenny – Could ABC board change status?

Councilman Evans – Whiteaker neighborhood is a 501(c)3.  ABC is within realm of possibility for becoming a 501(c)3- it would give more autonomy.  As a charitable organization also can have more complications and would benefit from seeking legal advice on the subject.

  • Lin – Neighborhood Association  – has a city outreach fund.
  • Tai – Discussions in past – lots to consider before moving forward.
  • Suzanne – How do property owners feel about this?
  • Councilman Evans – They are wanting to work towards a solution.  Urban renewal district – urban renewal fund – need community support and more voices calling for change.
  • Jenny – How would the community go about getting voices heard with the city?
  • Councilman Evans – Need community to show up in mass, speak up in public comment, writing letters, emails, etc.

7:52 – Committee continued to discuss bylaws.  

8:08 – Sent back final review of bylaws for revisions to be completed by Ed.

8:09 – General meeting – (Lin).  Shared screen with board – went over idea of noting AARP’s resilient futures on ABC postcard.  Dates and meeting discussed.

  • Suzanne – Can an E-blast email go out about this event?
  • Lin – If including it as part of the E-postcard – this would be used more for announcing important dates/events, save the date, etc.
  • Sarah – Will there be a recording of forum?
  • Lin – Probably on the AARP website.
  • Suzanne – Do you have to preregister?
  • Lin – Yes- will need to in order to attend forum.  Did send link then you can sign in and be able to chat.  Also sent link for EWEB pledged to prepare -in meeting chat.

8:21 – Safe Spot Rest Stop – (Lin).  Location for safe rest spot – will remain in place for two years.  Unsure if business have been contacted by the Chamber of Commerce for opinions.

  • Amie – City narrowed down to top 10 sites.
  • Lin – River Road neighborhood association has used door hangers that lists out meetings to help educate.  Possible idea to use to help promote ABC initiatives.
  • Tai – Can have multiple small meetings around Bethel to help get people involved.

8:40 Committee Reports:

  • 8:40 – Finance – Suzanne sent out financial report to board in prior email.
  • 8:41 – Beautification – Travis – Community herb garden is on its way- next Thursday another meeting.
  • 8:15 – Events – Lin – Gilbert Park for work party – possibly 7/24 for project date.
  • 8:17 – Public Safety – Ed – No report given.
  • 8:42 – Social Equity  – Travis/Lin – Next meeting on 7/5 at 6:30.
  • Jenny – needs to find ways to continue to make a visual/tangible impact.
  • Tai – $500 application fee for ABC to become a 501(c)3.
  • Jenny – How can we raise funds for application fee?  Changing status could possibly help with initiatives.
  • Lin – Will be good to hear what the Jensen Pond meeting will produce.
  • Suzanne – Reminder that Juneteenth celebration to be at Alton Bake Park.
  • 8:43 – Pantry – Jenny – No report given.
  • 8:44 – Business Relations – Lin – No report given.
  •  8:45 – Communications –  (Lin) – No report given.

New Business:

8:49 – RV Corral – 7/22 a 5:30 will have community meeting – Lin will send out information.

8:51 – Bystander Training – (Travis) – Bystander Training set up with City – encourage people to be involved. 

– 8:52 – Motion to adjourn made by: Tai

Approved by Board.

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