Help Wanted: Committee Members

At the July 2018 board meeting, the ABC board proposed a number of standing committees and chairpersons to run them.

For these committees to really be effective, they need volunteers dedicated to the growth of the Bethel Community helping out! While the committees won’t be officially recognized until next month’s board meeting, it’s never too early to get involved!

So here are the committees we’ve proposed and their proposed chairpersons. If one of these sounds like something you want to be involved in, contact the chairperson to find out how you can get involved! All committees are open to any Bethel residents.

Committee Chairperson Contact Information
Communication Committee Ethan Clevenger
Business Relations Committee Ethan Clevenger
Public Safety Committee Lin Woodrich
Events Committee Lin Woodrich
Finance Committee Suzanne O’Shea
Civic Engagement Committee Tai Pruce-Zimmerman
Beautification Committee Douglas Barr
Bylaws Committee Janice Kerber

Full July meeting minutes will be available once approved!

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