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Active Bethel Community of Eugene, Oregon

Board Meeting Schedule

Board meetings are open to the public, and you’re encouraged to attend!

Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month on ZOOM during COVID situation and at Asbury United Methodist Church, 1090 Berntzen Rd after COVID situation, unless noted otherwise. Check our calendar to make sure!

Get Involved

Have an idea for Active Bethel Community? We have time at every monthly meeting for public comment, and the schedule for those meetings is above.

You should also review the following committees we've established and decide if your idea falls under one of those categories. If it does, reach out to the committee chair for a more immediate response and one-on-one attention to your idea.

Committee Chairperson Contact Information
Communication Committee Lin Woodrich abclinwoodrich@gmail.com
Business Relations Committee and Bethel Business Alliance Lin Woodrich abclinwoodrich@gmail.com
Public Safety Committee and Emergency Preparedness Ed Farren orbbag17@gmail.com
Events Committee Lin Woodrich abclinwoodrich@gmail.com
Finance Committee Suzanne O'Shea 541-255-7420
Civic Engagement Committee and Civic Engagement - Planning Lin Woodrich abclinwoodrich@gmail.com
Beautification Committee and Herb Garden Travis Johannes johannesatc@gmail.com
Bylaws Committee Ed Farren orbbag17@gmail.com
Food Pantry Committee and Bethesda Barrels Charlie Sterling sterlingfamilyranch@gmail.com
Recycling Committee Emily Pyle emilypyle9@gmail.com
Social Equity Work Group Travis Johannes and Diane Behling johannesatc@gmail.com

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Latest Blog Posts

Trainsong Park Soil Remediation Project Open House on Oct. 26 from 5-7pm

October 19, 2023 |

The City of Eugene is applying for an EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant application for Trainsong Park. They will be hosting an open house for the community to learn about the…

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ABC Earth Day General in-person meeting on Saturday, April 22 1:00-4:00pm at Petersen Barn

April 20, 2023 |

On Earth Day, the Active Bethel Community will have our first in-person/hybrid meeting at Petersen Barn with FREE pizza and ice cream cones (while they last)! THIS SATURDAY, April 22…

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ABC General Meeting and Town Hall TONIGHT, July 20 from 7:00-8:30pm

July 20, 2022 |

We invite you all to attend the Active Bethel Community Town Hall & Raffle Drawing on July 20 on ZOOM from 7:00-8:30pm The Active Bethel Community has invited our local…

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ABC General Meeting & Town Hall on Wednesday, July 20 from 7:00-8:30pm

July 17, 2022 |

Hear from our representatives and ask them questions! We invite you all to attend the Active Bethel Community Town Hall & Raffle Drawing on July 20, THIS WEDNESDAY, on ZOOM…

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2nd ABC Zone Park #9 Event Saturday, June 4 from 10:00am-2:00pm

June 1, 2022 |

Please join us THIS SATURDAY for our Active Bethel Community ZONE 9 PARK Event at State Street Park (on Dakota Street off Barger) from 10am-2pm. We have canopies if it…

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ABC Zone #15 Park Event THIS SATURDAY, May 28 from 10:00am-2:00pm!

May 26, 2022 |

It looks like it will be RAINING, but we are all used to that… “There is no bad weather, just bad clothes”… so wear your rain gear and come to…

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Chronic Toxic Polluters – Tackling Public Health and Pollution in Eugene – ZOOM meeting on March 29 at 6:30pm

March 21, 2022 |

PLEASE REGISTER TO ATTEND (you will receive the ZOOM link after registering):Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/…/tZYqc… What is an overlay zone for public health? The purpose of a Public Health Overlay Zone…

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JH Baxter HEALTH FOCUS Meeting with OHA March 1st at 6pm

February 28, 2022 |

This is PART TWO of our informational meetings. Please join us! The Oregon Health Authority will present on the health risks associated with dioxins measured in soil in residential yards…

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JH Baxter Closing Cleanup Informational Meeting with DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) February 17, 2022

February 4, 2022 |

Watch a video of our meeting from our ABC Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/activebethelcitizens/videos/467463058351827 Find out the Bethel neighborhoods involved in the next stage of cleanup. The health-related meeting was on March 1st,…

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The Arc Lane County is running a sensory-friendly child vaccination and teen booster clinic in the Bethel Neighborhood on January 29.

January 19, 2022 |

In cooperation with the Bethel School District, The Arc Lane County is running sensory-friendly child vaccination and teen booster clinics in the Bethel Neighborhood. Our next clinic will be at…

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